Generate random strings that make sense.

Hosted on GitHub: fabulist,

from fabulist import Fabulist

fab = Fabulist()

templates = [
    "$(Verb:ing) is better than $(verb:ing).",
    "$(Noun:an) a day keeps the $(noun:plural) away.",
    "If you want to $(verb) $(adv), $(verb) $(adv)!",
    'Confucius says: "The one who wants to $(verb) must $(verb) $(adv) the $(noun)!"',

for q in fab.generate_quotes(templates, count=10):
    print("- ", q)

will produce something like

-  A statement a day keeps the airports away.
-  Savoring is better than magnifying.
-  If you want to sate divisively, disuse calmly!
-  Praying is better than inspecting.
-  Confucius says: "The one who wants to sterilize must inform miserably the possibility!"
-  If you want to blur orderly, stride poorly!
-  A cost a day keeps the gears away.
-  Subtracting is better than worshipping.
-  If you want to damage solely, discuss jealously!
-  Confucius says: "The one who wants to vanish must swear terribly the punch!"